What is the difference between DSOGL and DSOMM?

Many followers of OWASP projects often wonder about the differences between these projects and how they can have a better experience with them. This guide aims to provide clarity on these differences and help you make the most out of these projects. By improving our experience with these projects, we can take steps towards making them flagships in the world of DevSecOps.

In order to fully implement a DevSecOps process, it is recommended to review the DevSecOps standard by referring to both DSOMM and DSOGL. Once you have established the desired standard level, implement it using DSOGL and measure it using DSOMM to ensure that you are aligning with global standards and meeting your expectations. This method will assist you in clearly and effectively defining your DevSecOps process.

A tip:

To demonstrate your progress and effectively present it to senior management, we suggest keeping a record of the changes you implement. It’s beneficial to take measurements before and after implementation to track the trend of improvements. This approach will allow you to clearly and measurably see the progress you’ve made.

OWASP DevSecOps Guideline OWASP DevSecOps Maturity Model
It offers adaptable recommendations and best practices, allowing organizations to customize their security strategies to fit their unique requirements. Emphasizing education and awareness, this initiative fosters a culture of security consciousness within development, security, and operations teams. By providing flexible guidelines, it encourages teams to learn, collaborate, and implement security measures effectively, ensuring a holistic and contextually relevant approach to DevSecOps. It provides a structured pathway for organizations to enhance their security practices incrementally. By assessing their current maturity level, organizations can identify specific areas for improvement. This model guides them in planning and implementing incremental enhancements, allowing for continuous growth in their DevSecOps capabilities. It emphasizes a step-by-step approach, enabling organizations to measure progress, adapt to emerging threats, and evolve their security practices over time. Through this gradual process, organizations can build robust DevSecOps frameworks that align with their evolving needs and security challenges.
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